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I’m a French photographer. I live and work in the US. I specialize in still-life, portrait and editorial photography. I first discovered photography through cinema. Then, I just grabbed my camera and started to shoot. At that time with a Nikon > 50 mm. I had my first collective gallery exhibition at 22 years old : B/W works selected by the Kodak Foundation and the museum Nicephore Niepce, by a group of art critics and photographers. My work and vision are “ still-frame” in the daily panorama of our modern life. The bare poetry of everyday life, in the subjects of little matter that our eyes no longer see. Driven by a cinematic vision, my work ponders on the subjective emotion of isolation, composition, texture and light.

2 books : « Argentic > Cinematographic » published in 2009 by Factory editions, Paris. Sold in le Centre Pompidou and Le Palais de Tokyo, Arcana in L.A, speciality bookstores and galleries.

Esther Voisin